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Wins Best Selected Exhibitor Award
at the ICHF NEC Birmingham Show
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Unique Stencils and Glitter Frosting Paste which can be applied to many surfaces including Cards, Fabrics, Glass, Wood, Acetate, Leather, Wax Candles and if applied to Fabrics then the can be Machine Washed.

New for 2016  --  Breaking News...

Our Website is about to change for the better, offering improved navigation, search capability, checkout handling and security.  Over the next few weeks we will launch the new Website with it's cleaner look and feel as well as its features.
Needless to say we will go above and beyond to keep our customers happy so watch this space for daily updates on the progress of this exciting Launch.















  • Check out our new range of Tall Stencils.  10cm x 19cm typical.
  • We have introduced a new range of 3D_Stencils which are designed for use with Cardstock and Acetate to create a 3D Motif.. 

All Large 50/60ml tubs reduced to £5.00


25% Discount on all orders over £42.00

Claim your discount at the checkout by entering 'Gift' in the discount code box.

15% Discount on all orders over £30.00 -- Claim your discount by entering 'Summer' in the discount box at checkout. 


 Stamp-N-Stencil , this is a innovative adaptation to Stamps and Stamping. Glitzcraft has combined the best of both the Stamping and Stenciling Craft Techniques by providing an accent Stencil with each Stamp. The Result is asstounding and easy to achieve. Check our the Stamp-N-Stencil Tab or click this word link to Jump to the tab.

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Frosting meets Fabric.
It's not just Greetings Card and Scrapbook themes that can be made with GlitzCrafts Frosting, check out our Designers incredible Tote Bag creation, Ingrid Kristina V has joined our Team and is making waves with her Creativity and Imagination. 

Not to be outdone,,
Jo Madelin  another of our Team designers has also created a stunner of a Tote that would Glam up any shopping Trip. 


Amazing range of New Stencil Designs which when used with our Glitter Frosting Paste creates stunning images which can be selectivly used time and again.



Shipping Times, Costs and Methods

Orders received Mon-Fri will ship same day if received before 3:00pm
Orders received Sat-Sun will ship Monday.


Shipping costs are £1.40 for 1 to 20 stencils.
Shipping Costs are £3.80 for 1 to 10 Frosting Pastes, up to 10 stencils can be included in same box for no additional charge.


Angel Policy : without predudice to the copywright of our products,  Glitzcraft permit Customers the use and resale of images created with our Stencils and Glitter Pastes on a limited hand crafted quantity basis. No more than 50 resale items per hand crafted image. 

   Frosting Paste Testimonials

 Sian ( Age 7) bought our products and created this stunning Poppy Card which she presented to us with a big thank you for teaching her the Craft.. She really only watched the demos at the show and then made this on her 2nd try.. Pretty Cool eh!! 

Handmade CardsI have been crafting...making cards for 8 years and like to try various techniques. Among my favourites is heat embossing and more recently gilding wax and flakes......but your product is something really special!!!!

As you can see from my orders I am completely addicted having spent my Christmas money and more it's beans on toast for a while.Your product is Fantastic.....I struggle to find a suitable greeting to compliment the amazing creations hence my recent order. I will be watching your web-site for new arrivals whilst boasting to my friends and revealing my new found and very addictive amazing product.Thankyou Gitzcraft.
Marylyn Bennet, Bristol.

I am glitter mad and have been trying for a long time to achieve the effect that I saw on Saturday, but have been unsuccessful  as all of the other products I've tried eventually look damaged in one way or another. I bought one of your offers and have not stopped making toppers since LOL.

I would just like to say what a brillant paste, I'm glad I found you and Thank you for making me a happy lady.
Kim Hough...
Dear Glitzcraft; I very much enjoyed your demo at Five Lakes Malden and purchase stencils and glitter. I was so impressed I have just ordered more. Good luck with this product it is fantastic.  Christine Etheridge

Dear Glitzcraft:
Hi Just wanted to say thank you for the great demonstrations at Five lakes show on Thursday We bought your stencils and glitter frosting paste to take back to school for our craft lessons. I work with pupils and students  who have a range of different physical and learning disabilities. The students were able to use the stencils and paste with out getting any  of it under the stencils even those students who can only use one hand. The lesson was really enjoyed by all and the  finished cards and bookmarks they made looked great. I returned on Saturday to buy more goods and we are all looking forward to our next session in the craft room. Thank you for your kindness shown to our students at the show and the good deal that you gave us.   
Margaret Dunningham special needs teacher at Sxxxxxx School.

What a great product Glitzcraft Frosting paste is, I tried it on Friday at the make it show at Farnborough and found it so easy-to-use and such a perfect finsh that by the end off the weekend I had all the colours, Thanks again for the time and good deals, hope to see you at the next craft show.   ---  Margaret Mannion

The Frosting and Stencils are wonderful and very effective, and easy to use. You can make beautful cards in very little time.  --- Patricia Norman
Hi people at Glitz Craft, Just to say thanks for
fantastic service only ordered yesterday and order came this morning
Brilliant first class
 service. ---- Sheila Gwilliam.

Wobblies -- Spring into Action

Check out this innovative product, it annimates your hand made Cards and Scrapbooks.  

Just attach the self adhesive WOBBLIE  to your Embellishment and Card and watch it Wobble.. 

Cool thing , it lies flat for mailing..

Comes in a pack of 12 Springs



Check out our various themed designs by browsing the tabs in the menu.


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