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5 Pen Set Primary Colour Tones

  • £24.99

The new Chameleon Colour Tones Pens are a truly innovative twin tipped and refillable alcohol-based marker that give you the ability to change the colour of the tone of the pen during its use. The range of 20 vibrant colours can produce over 100 colour tones.

  • The special mixing chamber system is designed to infuse either of the two marker nibs.
  • Each chamber accompanying each pen contains a colourless toning medium lightens the colour at the source, which gradually and seamlessly returns to its original colour during application.
  • The two nibs are a Japanese super soft brush nib and at the other end a bullet nib offering even further flexibility in approach.
  • The four 5-Pen Packs are a great way to get into the Chameleon Color Tones Range.

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