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Unicorn 6 Pack

  • £5.00

A Unique Stencil combo which allows you to attach the Main Unicorn to a separate Card which is then attached to the project with an Action Spring or Wobbly.  This allows the Unicorn to wobble or vibrate when flicked. The Unicorn compresses flat for posting.

The Stencil can be used on its own with or without the wobbly section and hence can be used multiple times.

The 6 Pack comes with the following.

  • Stencil with Sentiments
  • 6 Wobblies (Additional Wobblies can be purchased separately). see additional image for a view of the Wobbly.
  • 6 Background cut-outs for the main image to be Glitter frosted or embellished onto the cut-out. 

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