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Black Frosting Paste (50ml or 30ml Tub)

Black Frosting Paste (50ml or 30ml Tub)

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is a new formulation of Frosting Paste which offers an ultra-refined Glitter  Finish.

  • The Paste can be applied to virtually any surface including; Cardstock, Wood, Glass, Leather, Metal, Acetate, Ceramics even Fabric and its washable.
  • The Paste can be mixed with other colours of Paste to create a new Colour.
  • The Paste is dry to touch within 2 - 5 mins on an absorbent surface. (30 seconds if a Hair Dryer or Heat Gun is used).
  • This Paste once dry is highly non Shedding and does not Flake off even if aggressively rubbed.

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