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Here are a few of our own Card and Multimedia creations for your review and hopefully they will give you a few ideas for your own creations.

   Animal Print Stencils for BackgroundBirthday Card Stencil     Stencils used for Birthday Card background - Glitzcraft   Glitter paste card crafts

Glitter Paste Card Background - Glitzcraft

Stencils used for card making and crafting - Glitzcraft    "Never Give Up" stencil for cards and crafts   Owl stencil door hanger   

Gnome Stencil for Cards and Crafts

Gnome Stencil for Cards and Crafts   Best Wishes Floral Stencil Animal Print Stencil for card & crafts

Flower stencil & Glitter past card - Glitzcraft

Glitzcraft Card making Glitzcraft Card Craft     Card making with Glitzcraft 


Bee Stencil - Bee Happy Card - Stencil for cards & crafts


Card making with Glitter Paste  Crafting with Glitter Paste   Card making with Frosting Paste Glitter Paste  Celebration Stencil - Glitzcraft Mylar Stencils   Have a great day stencil

Mini Car Stencils and Glitter paste made this card   MDF pram shape and glitter paste were used to make this card   MDF Candle holder kit Door Hanger - Make your own

MDF Shapes make Stag Christmas Scene with Lights

MDF shapes for Candle holder   Face Stencil for Card making - glitter paste   MDF Rabbit Bunny Easter Egg Cutout Egg Holder

Xbox controller and headset stand kit