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Glitzcraft at Exhibitions and showsAll our current craft show bookings are shown below, if you can't make it to a show we would love for you to order online and check us out on Hobbymaker TV or you can watch online, where we have loads of great Kits not available on our own website.

2024 Show Dates



Jan 19/20 Sandown Racecourse Crafting Live
Jan 28th  York Racecourse Stamperama
Feb 11th Leigh Sports center Sincerely Yours
Feb 25th Bridgwater Stamperama
March 7/8/9 SEC Glasgow ICHF
March 14/15/16 NEC  ICHF
March 24th Gateshead Stamperama
April 4/5/6 West point Crafts 4 crafters
April 28th Lincoln  Stamperama
May 18th Stoneleigh Stamperama
June 2nd  Leigh Sports center Sincerely Yours
June 8th Kent Stamperama
August 11th Leigh Sports center Sincerely Yours
August 29/30/31st/1st Farnborough ICHF
Sept 26/27/28 West point ICHF
Oct 6th Lincoln  Stamperama
Oct 24/25/26/27 SEC Glasgow ICHF
Oct 31st / 1/2/3 NEC  ICHF
Nov 17th Leigh Sports center Sincerely Yours


 For videos and information on how to use our Frosting Paste, check out our Hints, Tips & Video page.