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Frosting Paste

Glitzcraft's Unique formulation of Paste comes in 2 distinct textures, Glitter Paste or Satin Paste.

Glitter paste has a high glitter finish which is sealed in with the glue & fabric sealant, this stops the glitter from flaking off & makes it water resistant.  When applied to Fabrics, they can be machine washed at 30 degrees, delicate wash. Satin Paste has a smooth lustre finish which resembles Satin, it works exactly like the Glitter Paste. You can also dilute the Paste with water in a separate tub and use it as a Paint.

Frosting Paste - Glitter Paste & Satin Paste for Card making, fabric, wood and craftsFor videos and information on how to use our Frosting Paste, check out our Hints, Tips & Video page.

As all the spring Craft Shows have been postponed or cancelled, we will be creating some special offers, some will be for a limited time only, so don't delay!!