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CLEARANCE - Dandelion Seeds Flower Stencil DL

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Dandelion Seeds Stencil

Dandelion Seeds being dispersed makes a beautiful card stencil for greeting cards, sympathy cards, 'thinking of you' cards or for mounting in a frame.

The Dandelion stencil can be used with a single colour of paste for a very elegant look, perhaps white or silver on black or as the coloured image shows, the dandelion seeds can be different colours to the flower heads and leaves giving a lively Summery feel. Our stencils can be used to craft on to fabric, wood, metal and many surfaces other than paper and card.

Stencil is designed to be used with a standard DL card so that it fits in a DL envelope measuring 110mm x 220mm

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Our high definition, Mylar Stencil is 190 micron thick, which means it is strong and durable so the stencil can be used over and over again.

The stencil is ideal for use with our unique Glitter Frosting Paste but is also suitable for use with all types of pastes and paint as well as chalks, inks and glues. Our stencils can also be used to dry emboss papers and card.

Cleaning your Dandelion Stencil

Our stencils are wipe clean and require minimal maintenance as long as you place the Stencil straight into water after use. Leaving the Stencils in water will stop the drying phase and allow you to wash the Stencils at your leisure. Cleaning involves washing gently between your fingers, however Glitzcraft sells a simple Stencil Cleaning Tool which works efficiently to return your stencils to pristine condition. Do not rub a stencil with a cloth to dry, place between sheets of paper towel and Blot dry.

Glitzcraft stencils are:

  • Easy to use – see our Tips page
  • Hard wearing made form durable Mylar
  • Reusable
  • Easy to clean
  • Suitable for use with pastes, chalks, inks, glues and embossing powder
  • In Stock ready to dispatch
  • Made by Glitzcraft in the UK

For videos and information on how to use our stencils, check out our Hints, Tips & Video page.

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