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CLEARANCE - Layered Steampunk

  • £1.00

A new concept - a build your own scene. Individual items can be stencilled and cut out, to allow you to build your own card, using as many of the elements as you wish. So on this stencil the trees, church, wreath and lamppost are all separate items, that you can create and 'piece' together to make a very individual custom design.


Size 12.5 x 15cm

 Stencil can be used with Glitzcraft Glitter Frosting Paste, Generic Stencil Paste, Chalks, Inks , Paints ,Glues and can be used to Dry Emboss Papers and Card.

 High Def, Mylar Stencil 190 micron thick and each Stencil is ideal for use with GlitzCraft Glitter Frosting Paste.

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