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Instructions to Make an MDF Prosecco Plaque

Posted by Michael Ward on

I was a little inspired by New Years Eve for this Prosecco craft project!

Our new pdf plaques are available to brighten up your kitchen or to give as a gift :) Happy crafting!
  1. Step one: Paint base in your chosen colour I used a dark blue colour, that I mixed myself, I used acrylic paints but you could also use spray paint or even wall paint.MDF Prosecco plaque base

  2. Step two: I chose to colour the word Prosecco and the frame in a silver spray paint, I then used Silver Glitter Paste straight from the tub and painted it onto the bottle.
    Spray paint MDF Prosecco

  3. Step three: Add some liquid glue onto the bubbles that are engraved on the base plate. I then sprinkled some loose glitter onto the bubbles and allowed them to dry.
    Prosecco bubbles on MDF board

  4. You can add some diamond glaze or glossy accents on top of the bubbles to give them a shiny finish. 
    Finished MDF Prosecco sign by GlitzCraft

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