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Get crafty making an MDF Christmas Gift Tag

Posted by Michael Ward on

As the days get darker we have (a bit more) time indoors…. more time to craft! Here’s a project which would make your Christmas (ssshhh did I say that word!) gifts unique….. show someone how much you care

If you haven’t tried one of our MDF shapes they can be painted, inked, chalked, distressed or painted using our Glitter or Satin Frosting paste. Some of our MDF shapes come with a companion stencil to embellish it.

MDF Christmas Tag:

MDF Christmas tag for Crafting


  1. Paint MDF using acrylics, spray or emulsion. MDF Christmas bauble tag for Crafting
  2. Attach stencil and using ink and a sponge dauber apply ink (skip this step if using paste only)MDF Christmas bauble tag for Crafting
  3. Remove ink stencil and apply paste stencil. Apply paste in your chosen colours. Remove stencil and let dryGlitter paste applied using stencil on to MDF Christmas tag
  4. Add finishing touches, ribbon, bows, flowers, line drawn edges etc

I would love to see your creations please share them on our social media pages.

Happy crafting :) Shop our MDF shapes here:

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