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Make a Summer Seaside frame - Step by step guide

Posted by Leona Bell on

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside! If you’re missing the beach this Summer here’s a step by step guide from a Glitzcraft crafter Helen Kirkham, make a Seaside frame and bring the beach into your home :).

Happy Crafting!

You will need:

  • 20x20 Cm Blue box frame
  • Light blue card
  • Dark navy card
  • Cream card
  • Mint green glitter paste
  • Copper glitter paste
  • Silver glitter paste
  • White gold glitter paste
  • Light green glitter paste
  • Rose gold glitter paste
  • Brown glitter paste
  • Aqua blue glitter paste
  • Coral glitter paste
  • Lighthouse stencil
  • Sea stencil and MDF collection
  • Palette knife
  • Low tack tape
  • Glue
  • Paper trimmer
  • Colour plus gold paint
  • Colour plus silver paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Photo

How to Make your Seaside Frame:

Step 1

Attach the Sea stencil to the frame using the low tack tape and add the silver paste to the frame with the palette knife through the seagull part of the stencil. Allow the paste to dry and add more seagulls below. Clean off the stencil and flip it over on to the other side of the frame and repeat the process.

Seaside themed frame - Glitzcraft

Step 2

Add gold paint to the bottom of the frame. Allow the paint to dry. Using the palette knife spread white gold glitter paste over the top of paint. Tap the palette knife all over the glitter paste, this will help to create texture and will look more like realistic sand. Allow the glitter paste to dry.

Seaside themed frame with Golden Glittery sand by - Glitzcraft

Step 3

Attach the sea stencil to the frame using the tape and with the mint green paste stencil the grass on to the frame, then add the light green paste to parts of the grass to create contrast. Using the sea stencil, add the shells to the frame with the brown glitter paste.

Seaside themed frame glitter sand and shells by Glitzcraft

Step 4

Cut a piece of light blue card measuring 20 x 20 Cm for the back of the box frame. Using the sea stencil add the sentiment to the glass with aqua blue glitter paste.

Seaside themed frame with glittery sand and embellishments by Glitzcraft


Step 5

Use the sea stencil to add seagulls with silver glitter paste to the blue card and the lighthouse stencil to add the lighthouse using silver and copper glitter paste. Cut a piece of cream card measuring 20 x 7 Cm and tear off the top of the card. Add some glitter paste over the top of the card to create a full piece of glitter card and allow to dry. Using sea stencil add the shells to the glittered card, using rose gold, silver, copper and coral glitter paste. Glue this to the blue card.

Seaside themed picture with seaside stencil, glittery sand and embellishments by Glitzcraft

Step 6

Paint the wooden shells from the sea MDF set in gold and silver paint. Then add some copper glitter paste to the two gold shells and silver glitter paste to the silver shell. Glue the two pieces of net from the sea MDF set to the inside of the frame and then glue the shells to the front of the frame. Layer the photo onto navy blue card, glue the photo to the centre of the light blue card and assemble the completed box frame.

Seaside frame with Glittery sand and embellishments by Glitzcraft


Helen’s helpful hints and tips:

When adding glitter paste to the palette knife, only use a pea sized amount. You can always add more but it is much harder to take it away.

If this is your first time using glitter paste and stencils, it is worth having a little practice first to find out the most comfortable way for you to hold the palette knife. The feeling and pressure of adding the glitter paste is very much like buttering toast. When you have added your glitter paste to the stencil, before you remove the stencil just scrape away any excess glitter paste.

It takes approx 4 mins for the glitter paste to dry naturally, but you can use a heat gun to speed up the process.

When adding glitter paste to the wood pieces it would be easier to use a paint brush rather than the palette knife.

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