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Some of our most frequently asked questions

Posted by Leona Bell on

Whilst having more time at home, many of us are crafting more! Crafting can reduce stress and aid relaxation. It’s great to see so many of you enjoying the benefits. Thank you for sharing your creations on our social media pages…. please keep posting your photos!

Glitter Paste

At Glitzcraft we design and manufacture 95% of our own products in the UK, including stencils, frosting paste, (glitter paste and satin paste), MDF cut-outs and more. Whether you are creating handmade cards, custom items or mdf creations, to help make your next project easier and to get the most out of our products, I have put together a list of our most frequently asked question. I hope you find them useful.

Happy Crafting!


1 How do you stop the paste from drying out?

Simple – add half a teaspoon of water every six to eight weeks or spritz with water after each session.

2 How long does the paste take to dry?

4 or 5 minutes on paper/card about 15 minutes on acetate, though the paste can be dried in 30 seconds using a heat tool or hairdryer.


3 Can you mix colours?

Yes, but I would suggest a test of that colour, before making a big batch and then discovering you don’t like it.

4 Can you use stencils with anything other than glitter paste?

Yes, all brands of texture paste, paints, chalks, inks, markers etc.

5 What mediums can you apply the paste to?

The simple answer is everything except wool or velvet, or fuzzy textured materials.

6 Do you seal the paste when adding it onto fabric?

No, just apply in the same way as you would to a card, but some fabrics hold it better than others, also don’t ever use fabric softener and if the fabric is new – wash it first. Then allow to dry overnight, some fabrics also need a couple coats to help it stay. Hand washing will prolong the life and always wash for as short a time as possible and only at 30 degrees.

7 What’s the difference between satin and glitter paste?

Satin paste is a much finer grade of glitter and as such doesn’t sparkle quite as much, it gives a softer, smoother finish.

Glitzcraft Paste

8 Can you use satin and glitter pastes on the same card or stencil?

Absolutely I always use a mix.

9 How do you wash the stencils?

Simply put straight into a warm or cold water bath – an old plastic box comes in useful – or if you are stuck wipe gently with baby wipes.

10 How do you store your stencils?

Usually I store mine in the A5 craft box that you get with your kits, you can even separate them into categories and have a box for each category, some people use die storage, some people use photo albums so ultimately the choice is yours.


Glitzcraft Stencil storage

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