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Top 5 crafts ideas to keep you entertained whilst your indoors.

Posted by Leona Bell on

We are all having to spend a lot more time indoors at the moment… for me it means more time with family and more time for crafting!!! On our Facebook page I have loved seeing all your creations… you have inspired me 😊 Crafting for me is a way to relax and escape… I love getting creative! So, whether you’re a keen crafter or novice, doing it for you, or with the children I wanted to share my Top 5 craft ideas.

Some of these have been shared by you – Glitzcraft Fans - so thank you. Let me know how you get on by posting your creations on our social media pages I love to see what you have been doing. Look out for our tutorials on our new You Tube channel!

Stay well, take care and keep crafting!!!



1.Postcard/Holiday souvenirs holder

Hopefully we will all be able to get back to traveling soon, in the meantime try making a postcard/holiday souvenir holder with our mdf travel pack. Whilst making enjoy thinking about your last holiday and let your mind escape there! Thanks @Tracey Collet for the YouTube tutorial 😊



  1. Just a note to say Hello!

There has never been a better time to brighten someone’s day by sending a handmade card through the post. Whether friend of family show you care and make a personalised card… here are some ideas for inspiration.

Bee Happy - Bee Stencil for Card making - Mylar stencil


  1. Bunny Easter Egg Holder

With Easter at the end of the week celebrate at home with a party. For the kids… big and small!... could have an Easter Egg hunt in the garden, dress-up with your very own Easter Bonnets! Give an Easter gift that you can use every year with our MDF Bunny Easter Egg Holder… and if you don’t like chocolate, then have fun decorating real or plastic eggs to display.

MDF Cutout of Easter Bunny Easter Egg Holder

  1. There’s no place like Gnome

Our brand new Gnome Stencils are fun and cheeky! You could use the stencils on the front of a plain covered notebook and get little ones to keep a journal whilst spending time at home in lockdown.


Gnome Stencil Mylar Stencil of Gnome Scene


  1. Wine Bottle Lights

So just in case you have the odd wine bottle at home… make a pretty ornament for your home but decorating the outside with any of our frosting paste and stencils, then add small fairy lights inside. You can also do the same for a clear glass tealight candle holder. When it’s dark turn on the lights/light the candle and get cosy!

Wine Bottle Lights


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